Have you ever wondered what cool site to visit on your only free Saturday in the month and had to make countless calls just for i need-to-know? Well,  yes! seems to be the random answer because i most definitely have and then i just get so tired..

Everyone living or visiting a city often times feel very off beat with the environment (happens to me a lot..), simply because you can barely seek out fun spots on your wanna-have-fun days.. it gets so tiring that you dedicate the whole day to sleep (or pacing if you are in my ‘shoes’).

Now the matter is; i got tired too, like really tired of asking and i decided to seek and see for, voila!

SightSeer is organized to select and deliver the inside scoop on juicy places and activities in the city by both authors and users.

You surely should find the best, cheapest, diviest and hottest solutions to every city ‘trauma’.

Trust me, we are gonna have sooo much fun together… come ‘see for yourself’.


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